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Travel Phobia
Travel Phobia

“What’s happening to me .........

                              Why do I feel like this”




Being afraid of travelling in a car or any other type of vehicle can affect anyone at anytime.


This fear is known as “Travel Phobia” - It can cause significant distress to those that suffer and can leave people feeling trapped, unable to get about, and out of control of certain aspects of their daily life.


The most common cause of this type of phobia can be attributed to the outcome of being involved in a road traffic accident either as the driver or passenger.



 However, travel phobia can affect people who have not been involved in an accident. For these people simply beginning to experience sensations of nervousness and increased anxiety for no apparent reason at the thought of getting in a vehicle or on public transport is enough to make them avoid travelling about. 


What are the characteristics of Travel Phobia?


The main features of Travel Phobia are a marked increase and on going fear of being in a car or other type of vehicle. This could include vehicles or transport such as: Lorries, buses, trains, planes or even motorbikes.


What might happen if you experience Travel Phobia?


If you find yourself in a situation where you are required to travel in a vehicle, this would provoke an anxious response within you.


Your reaction to this anxious response could be to try and avoid getting in the vehicle, making excuses why you need to travel to your destination by another means. However, if you had to travel in the vehicle because there are no other means available, then your journey would be made under a great deal of distress.


This could leave you experiencing physical symptoms such as:


Dry mouth, Dizziness, Shortness of breath, Sweating, Increased heart rate, Butterflies in your stomach, Sickness.


How is Travel Phobia diagnosed?

Simply put, a diagnosis of travel phobia is reached if: The fear, avoidance and/or anticipation of travel stops or seriously restricts your daily routine, work or social life or causes significant distress.


Can Travel Phobia be cured?


We will all experience anxiety many times during our life for lots of different reasons. Therefore, trying to cure Anxiety which is a normal autonomic and psychological reaction to certain stressful situations is asking for the impossible.


However, by understanding more about our experiences, introducing methods to help reduce our anxiety and modifying our behaviours to certain situations can help to reduce travel phobia allowing us to carry on with our daily lives.


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