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About Me

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 I am a qualified psychotherapist and integrative counsellor with Postgraduate Diploma’s in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy from Exeter University and Integrative Counselling from Bristol University.

As a psychotherapist I am accredited by the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists BABCP and as an integrative counsellor I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy BACP .

I have been employed as a Cognitive & Behavioural Psychotherapist for the NHS Psychological Services across Wiltshire, East London and Oxfordshire. In addition I also run a private practice in Swindon and in these settings, I have worked with clients experiencing a wide and varied range of mental health issues.

In addition to my psychological qualifications, I have over 30 plus years experience of Driver Training and Development within logistics. This has been gained from over 24 years service within the armed forces, serving in the Royal Corps of Transport and the Royal Logistic Corps and after leaving the forces, a select group of Blue Chip Logistical Companies.

Training and Development involved working on areas such as; Accident Investigation & Prevention, Improved driver performance that included; better fuel management, driving style development, and increased driving awareness.   

I am also a Fellow of the Association of Industrial Road Safety Officers AIRSO and as such take a very keen interest in the continued safety and welfare of those who use our roads for both business and pleasure.


For further advice you call me on: 07846292105 or email me at:




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